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Astrel AST16200-B-M-FW-16200m Standalone CCD Kamera mit Kühlung und internem Filterrad (KAF16200mono, 4500x3600 Pixel, Pixel=6 mikron, monochrom, 27x21.6 mm)
(Astrel: Ast-16200m)
4050.00 EUR
(inkl. MWSt)
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Marke:  Astrel
Bauart: CCD-mono
Sensordiagonale: 35mm
Auflösung: 16MP (4500x3600)
Transportgewicht:  2kg (Versandkosten)
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The AST16200B product family features

  • New concept low-vacuum CCD sensor chamber that guarantees no-frost with -40°C DeltaT at only 2.5A of power consumption

  • Total Noise of 9e- rms using low-noise acquisition mode

  • Powerful 1GHz microprocessor for stand alone wire-free operation (no PC is needed)

  • PC like use with Operating System, Graphic Desktop, Web access, applications that can be created, installed and removed

  • Optional 5" 800x480 touchscreen full color display (removable)

  • Optional mini wireless keyboard/touchpad

  • Integrated WiFi connection and Gbit Ethernet to PC / Tablet / Smartphone

  • 16 GB (expandible up to 64 GB) internal storage plus external USB pendrive or hard-disk 

  • Open-Source Camera Processor Code available to the user to experiment ideas and specific SW application

  • 2 HS USB, TX/RX serial port, I2C, SPI, +3.3V, +5V, +12V DC output power supplies

  • User configurable I/O lines to implement triggers, alarms, custom interfaces


Dark Current .. 0.03e-/pixel/sec at -20°C
Full Well ..... ~40000 e-
Total Pixels .. ​16.2 Million
CCD Size ...... 27 x 21.6 mm
Pixel Array ... 4500 x 3600 pixels

CCD  .......... On-Semi(Kodak) KAF-16200 (mono/color, class 2)

Antiblooming .. 2000X

Interfaces .... USB 2.0 Host HS x2, Gbit Eth, WiFi, UART, GPIO
Filter wheel... Integrated, 4 2" or 5 42mm unmounted filters
Camera Size ... 160 mm diameter x 90 mm 
Mounting ...... M48
Weight ........ 1Kg (w/ integrated filter-wheel , w/o display)
Backfocus ..... 25 mm (including integrated filter-wheel)

Shutter ....... Mechanical
Sampling Mode . Digital multi-sample CDS
A/D Converter . 16 bit
Gain .......... 0.9 e-/ADU
Total Noise ... 9 e- rms typ
Binning Modes . up to 10x10
Readout Speed . 500 Kpxls/sec (about 30 sec)
Max Cooling ... -40 °C ±0.1°C regulated
Power ......... 12VDC @ 2.5 A max (operational at 100% Peltier)

 Smartcamera Approach

  • Photo sequences programming with filters management

  • Temperature setting and monitor

  • Liveview with integrated focus mode

  • Autoguiding with dithering

  • Planetariums with mount control, including plate solving

  • Images review

Similar to a powerful astrophotography-oriented DSRL, the camera itself offers an integrated complete suite of easy to use graphical applications including:
Thanks to its "intelligence", the camera can do onboard all the operations that other cameras can only do by means of an external PC, because the camera is a PC itself.
The Astrel Instruments cameras are powered by a 1000MHz Processor with 1Gb of memory and up to 64Gb of onboard storage.

The camera can autonomously autoguide with many commercial USB autoguider cameras and use planetarium applications to control the mount operations (alignment, goto, ...) on most commercial mounts. Many other commercial devices like motorized focusers, external filter wheels, ... can also be directly connected and managed autonomously by the camera.

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